My thoughts on art

I love to paint and don’t want to limit myself like so many artists do by painting the same crap over and over again. I paint what I take pix of and show you how I see what I saw. For me, art is understood by all who can see it, they can feel what you did when you saw it. It’s a means of expression when you have a heart to share with viewers. If you don’t you throw a can of blue paint on a canvas and call it art.

How can an abstract of thrown blue paint be a beach? Most of my art is representational and needs no complicated explanations. I do not do repetitive copy-like art that is similar with color changes; like so many artists nowadays (even Kincaid did it)-all meadow scenes with blobs of color for flowers and drip-lines of color for grass or a pathway with different blobs of color on left/right as flowers with the center having ethereal unrealistic b.s. It sells because it’s “feel good” crap and can actually be done pretty much by anyone.

Abstract art says nothing to me and shows me nothing the artist is capable of rendering. It lacks imagination and talent it says to the buyer, “since you don’t know anything about real art pay 5 thousand for this piece of crap”. TO ME it’s like throwing dog crap in someone’s face and making them pay for it.

I don’t like entering a beach art contest where I compete with blue and black paint thrown on a canvas called “The Beach” when my art actually looks like a beach and their art can be called “The Kite”, “Windy Day” “Waterfall” “Feeling Blue” “Walk in the Park” anything. It can be called anything the painter feels they can get into an art show with. To me abstract art is equal to rap music it is not my thing.


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